Prayer Requests

Every week, we take time to gather before God to pray.  Below are some of our recent prayer requests.

Please ask God to:

·       Give us a great time at our Christmas banquet.  We would love to see a number of unbelievers come to this.
·       Use us and the Havchuks to bless their community this Christmas through the Immanuel’s Child program, as well as our gifts to personally help the Havchuks this Christmas too.
·       Give us wisdom and boldness as we talk to others during the Christmas season.
·       Lead Ryan to the work that he can do right now.  He has heard about Vista Print’s hiring that is going on right now.
·       Give relief to those in our church family who struggle with chronic pain and discomfort.
·       Guide us as a church family to consider how to make our elder’s board effective between now and next June, when we normally vote to add new elders.
·       Use the bowling event between parents and their teens to impact our families to seek God more.
·       Encourage a number of men to come to the men’s breakfast on November 26th.  We would like to see some unbelievers invited as well as our community.
·       Give us an opening into the international community of St Clair students.  Some of these students are looking for God.

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