Praise Items

Every week, we gather at Faith to pray to God.  Below are some of our recent praise items to glorify God.

Let’s praise God because He:

·       Gave us a good time for our harvest party.  The Thompsons were able to make it and two of Noah’s friends made it as well.
·       Has stopped the bleeding in Jack’s eyes.  Jack was in London recently and the doctors are very happy with how his eyes are finally starting to heal. 
·       Used Howard and Linda to help lead us in worship last Sunday
·       Answered Dawns prayer.  Dave is cancer free.  The doctors thought it highly likely that he had cancer, but God has decided otherwise.
·       Has watched over Howard during the last months of his cardiac program.  He is doing well.
·       Josiah has work.  He recently moved to Windsor and he is working locally.  This gives him more opportunity to fellowship with other believers.
·       Gave grace to Kristina.  She has applied for a different job at work and she has been accepted.  She will start the now work in January.
·       Has given grace to Hannah.  She has a cast on her arm and it seems to be healing well.
·       Is helping Mariya to heal well after the surgery to give birth.  She only took the pain medicine for a short time.

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