How we Function



1) NAME: 
  • This organization shall be known as Faith Community Church – LaSalle
  • To glorify God through the passionate preaching of His Word.
  • To communicate the Gospel of Christ in relevant ways to our community.
  • To utilize the cultural and language skills available in the congregation in a special effort to serve believers with a South-Slavic background and to reach unbelievers from the former Yugoslavia by providing services in their languages.
  • To provide services in English to minister to others not fluent in South-Slavic languages, and develop English skills of those who are.
  • To build up believers through sound Biblical preaching, Teaching, Bible study and Prayer and in turn encourage them to utilize their gifts and talents to serve God in the church and by sharing the Gospel with unbelieving friends, family, and others they come in contact with.
  • To seek to spread the Gospel throughout the world by supporting missionary efforts in other countries through prayer, encouragement, and financial support as available.
  • To provide a warm and loving environment for believers and unbelievers alike in order to improve social relationships among all people regardless of race, creed age or social status. This shall include as possible encouraging those of the congregation who are physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually needy.
Faith Community Church – LaSalle shall have the right to possess, buy, mortgage, sell, or lease, real and personal property.
Faith Community Church – LaSalle will carry on its activities without the purpose of gain for its members and any revenue or gains of the organization shall be used in promoting its objectives.
Upon dissolution of this organization and after payment of all debts and liabilities any remaining property shall be distributed to other charitable organizations with similar objectives, first in the local area, and then in the province of Ontario. Preferences will be given to The Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches.
6) MEMBERSHIP:      
Those followers of Jesus who have been baptised by immersion and are a part of the Faith Community church, but who are not voting members, may be given the same standing as associate members. In order for this standing to be recognized, the individual needs to be in agreement with Faith’s Statement of Faith. The elders will oversee the process by which individuals are given this designation. Since they do not have the right to vote (because they are not willing to agree to the constitution), serving associates are not eligible to be pastors, elders, or deacons at Faith.
People of another like-minded church who find themselves in the area temporarily for work or business may apply for associate membership in order to serve in the church without relinquishing membership in their home church. They will however not be able to vote on church business.
Those under the age of 16 may enjoy membership in the church but may not vote at business meetings until they reach the age of 16.
Members in good standing may request to have their names removed from membership, or transferred to another church.
Members who fail to observe the basic principles of Christian faith (as detailed in Scripture and outlined in our Statement of Faith) will be corrected with a desire for restoration by members of the Board of Elders in accordance with the scriptural guidelines of Matthew 18. All attempts at restoration having failed they will be removed from membership.
The membership of Faith Community Church – LaSalle shall be composed of persons who accept the doctrines of the Bible particularly with regard to the belief in Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord, baptized by immersion, in agreement with the Statement of Faith of this church and it’s Constitution. They shall be interviewed by two of the church Elders who can recommend them to be received into membership by an approval vote of at least 75% at any Sunday service.
The term of the Pastor shall be without limit unless otherwise agreed with the membership. He shall be elected by the church membership with an 85% majority vote. He will be accountable to the congregation indirectly through the Board of Elders. He will be spiritually born again and will demonstrate the requirements of overseers (elders) as found in I Timothy 3: 1-7 He along with the board of Elders will have the responsibility of the supervision of the total church program. According to Ephesians 4:12, his primary responsibility is “to prepare God’s people for works of service so that the body of Christ may be built up”. His specific duties will be defined from time to time in consultation with the Elders. He is expected to live an exemplary life and to reveal the love and likeness of Christ in every phase of his ministry. If the pastoral relationship is dissolved notice and severance shall be in accordance with the Ontario Ministry of Labour Guidelines.
The affairs of the organization shall be managed by a board of not less than two members plus the Pastor. All Elders shall be members in good standing of the church and shall demonstrate the qualifications for an Elder as detailed in Scripture (I Timothy 3: 1-7) They shall be elected for a three year term at a duly called business meeting by a majority of 75% of the members present. After serving for two consecutive terms it is recommended that a one year leave be taken before being re-nominated for an Elder’s position.
An Elder may be removed from office if they fail to abide by this constitution or do not fulfill the requirements of Scripture, or become unsound in mind by a similar vote of 75% at a duly called business meeting.
A majority of the members of the board shall form a quorum. Regularly scheduled meetings (monthly recommended) may be held without additional notice. Special meetings may be called by the chairman with notice delivered by phone, fax, or email at least one day in advance.
Decisions shall be made by a majority vote which may be made by a show of hands or secret ballot at the request of any member. All decisions shall be recorded in the minutes of the meeting.
The Elders shall determine at the first meeting after elections are held who will hold the office of chairman, secretary and other offices of the board that may be deemed necessary from time to time. These offices will be held for a one year term.
The duties of the board shall be:
  • To administer the affairs of the church
  • To assist the Pastor in the oversight of the Church programs
  • To provide spiritual direction for the members
  • To review reports from various ministries and give council and direction where necessary.
  • To review church policies and make recommendations when changes are required.
  • To annually review the position, duties, responsibilities and remuneration of all salaried personnel.
  • To form a pulpit committee when a new Pastor is required
  • To assist in the serving of the Lord’s Supper
  • To act as Directors of the corporation. Other members may also be Directors of the Corporation from time to time.
  • To act as a nominating committee to recommend suitable candidates for elected positions to be filled at the annual meeting held for this purpose. Recommendations for various elected positions can be given to the elders for consideration.
From time to time the Elders may determine that Deacons are required to assist in the administration and leadership of the church. All Deacons shall be members in good standing of the church and shall demonstrate the qualifications for a Deacon as detailed in Scripture (I Timothy 3: 8-12) They shall be elected for a three year term at a duly called business meeting by a majority of 75% of the members present. A Deacon may be removed from office if they fail to abide by this constitution or do not do not fulfil the requirements of Scripture, or become unsound in mind by a similar vote of 75% at a duly called business meeting. Their duties will be outlined by the Board of Elders, but may include such areas as children’s ministries, greeters, missions LIFE groups etc., and they will be accountable to them. Deacons and Elders will meet at least quarterly to jointly discuss the affairs of the church. The officers of the Elders Board will preside at such meetings, and voting and record keeping will concur with the requirements for the Elders board.
This person shall be elected at a duly called business meeting for a one year term by a two thirds majority vote. He or she will be responsible for collecting, counting, depositing, all receipts, as well as making timely payments for all expenses including salaries and all other disbursements of the organization. Two people shall always be present for the collection and counting of the funds and a report of the totals prepared and signed by both with a copy given to the Pastor or an officer of the Elders Board of the total funds received at any service.
Disbursement of funds shall be under the direction of the Elders board. An annual budget will be developed for the approval of the congregation and the Treasurer will utilize this budget as a guide to the disbursement of funds and will report to the Elders any expenditures which he may perceive to be outside of, or in excess of the budget.
These duties may and in fact should be separated among different people whenever suitable candidates are available.
The Treasurer will prepare an annual financial statement for presentation at the annual meeting. He/she will also be responsible for all government reporting, T-4’s, HST, annual returns etc. The Treasurer or Envelope secretary if different will be responsible for donation receipts.
Financial statements will be made available to the elders at least quarterly and monthly if requested. The Treasurer shall meet with the Elder’s Board to discuss financial matters at least quarterly.
 The Board of Elders may determine the need for additional elected officers from time to time and may create those positions and outline their responsibilities. Such positions will be approved of at a duly called business meeting.
There shall be a minimum of two meetings of the congregation each year. One as early as possible in the calendar year (February or March) primarily for the purpose of approving the previous year’s financial statements and the budget for the current year, and one in June primarily for the election of officers. Other meetings may be called by the Elders if required.
Whenever possible meetings will be announced in at least one regularly scheduled service, as well as an email announcement. In an emergency situation a meeting may be called with email announcement only and by phone to those without email. Business shall be approved by a 60% majority vote unless otherwise previously specified as for the hiring of a pastor (85%) or the election of Elder’s and Deacons (75%).
The financial year of the church shall be the calendar year ending December 31 of each year.
A review of the annual financial records may be required if requested by two voting members of the congregation. This review will be made by two members of the congregation elected at a duly called business meeting by a two thirds majority vote. The Elder’s will have the option of having an independent review or audit at their discretion.