Isaiah 13-23

Listen as Peter explains the purpose of this next section of Isaiah.  Since God has already explained that He would judge His people for their sin, it should not be surprising that God would judge each nation for their sin.  If God’s people are guilty before Him, how much more those who hate Him and reject Him completely?

The first country that Isaiah writes about is Babylon.  It is interesting that God has Isaiah write about this kingdom.  In Isaiah’s day, Babylon was not a power.  However, God knew that Babylon would eventually be used by Him to judge the southern kingdom of Judah.  Chapter 14 of Isaiah assumes that Babylon would become a power, would take Judah captive, and that God would eventually punish Babylon and restore Judah and Israel to their land.  Listen as Peter explains some of the implications for us today.  We learn a lot about who God is by His actions recorded in this chapter.