1 Timothy 4:12-16

Listen as Peter finished the first major section in 1 Timothy.  Paul turns the spotlight of Scripture onto Timothy as the pastor (teaching elder) at the church in Ephesus.  Paul challenges Timothy on two main issues.  First, his words and actions need to be an example to the church of how God wants believers to live.  The church needs to follow Timothy’s example.  Second, Timothy’s teaching needs to be biblical.  he need to preach the good news that only Jesus can save, as well as the rest of the teachings from the Bible so that the church will know what God delights in and what God hates.  The point is that the church would then obey this teaching, believing what God has revealed and therefore obeying Hid commands and instructions.  Timothy’s focus on these two important aspects of ministry will protect both himself and the church from falling into error.
You can see the sermon Power Point here.  1 Timothy 4.12-16